Sweet Leaf Madison

Sweet Leaf Madison Capital is a specialized financing company that offers customized lending solutions to the cannabis industry. After series of interviews with the senior management, we mapped out the company’s business model and the consumer path. Most customers would come to the website from the paid advertisement and organic searches. Some customers would be solicited through cold calling and the industry conferences. The role of the website would be critical in conversions. It needed to complete the following objectives:
- Present the company and its product to the potential borrower
- Explain the process of securing a loan
- Provide background information and the context, such as news
- Offer an easy way to contact the lender

Our Solution

We incorporated all the main functions within a modern design with a clear business look while making the website interesting and engaging. We chose dark-colored main theme by adding secondary colors to the company main colors, smooth transitions between the website sections, easy navigation, always accessible contact options, and subtle motion effects to the images. All draft options and design revisions were done using Figma. We researched and provided all the stock images while the company provided the textual content. The site was custom coded in PHP and adapted to WordPress CMS. The result was a modern, professional, sleek, informative, and engaging website that helped the business grow the customer base.

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