Madison Ventures +

Madison Ventures Plus is a venture investment firm that specializes in finding high-risk and high-return investment opportunities primarily in the high-end real estate market. The company needed a rebranding that included a development of a new website. We conducted several interviews with the senior management and mapped out the company’s business model and the consumer path. Most customers would come to the website after an initial personal contact with someone from the firm. Because personal contact and interaction are the main tools to convert the leads to customers, the role of the website would be less important in conversions, but more prominent in creating a professional image for the company. It needed to achieve the following objectives:
- Present the company and its product to the potential borrowers or investors
- Instill trust in potential customers
- Project confidence, knowledge, and authority

Our Solution

In essence, the website would not be a sales tool, but an important component in building the brand – the right feeling in the customer toward the company. Our effort was therefore directed toward making a sleek, modern, attractive, and just slightly conservative feel for the website. The functionality was limited, and the focus of the user would be on receiving the subtle signals to build the feeling of the brand. To project confidence, knowledge, and authority, we created a modern theme that combined the corporate colors of dark blue and white. The website was designed to be easy to navigate, and to be simple, yet classy. The design process used Figma as the medium for presenting the drafts and receiving the feedback for the revisions. We sourced all the stock images and modified them to visually fit the website design theme. The company provided all the textual content. The website was custom coded in PhP and adapted to WordPress CMS.

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