Hyper Penguin

A metaverse gaming platform start up had a great name - Hyper Penguin - and wanted to develop a brand identity.

The challenge was to combine a playful nature of the brand, appealing to the gamers, especially younger gamers. Yet, making it serious and sophisticated to attract investors and game developing companies to use the platform for the delivery of their online games and the content to the users.

After our thorough search for the image, please meet the character - the Penguin with the VR goggles. The identity of the penguin is slick and precise. The penguin has a purpose, it is focused and concentrated. The animal goes toward its goal. This part of the mascot's identity reaches out to the investors and game developers. Yet, the combination of what at first seems to be incompatible - high technology and an awkward walking bird - creates a warm and funny feeling that projects friendliness, fun, and approachability, which speaks to the gamer community.

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