Delta Remedys

Delta Remedys is a cutting-edge cannabis product manufacturer and retailer. The company needed a new logo, product packaging, and retail labels. After analyzing the business model and the customer base, we suggested to depart from the standard green leaf images of the cannabis products. The brand needed a "bang!" and a "wow!" effect. It needed to be completely new, unknown, disruptive. We used golden on black colors and geometrically sharp images for the label and the logo, which was a complete success. The product is now the flagship of the company. The project was completed within one month because the manufacturer was ready to roll out the new product, but lacked the right designs. We've had a few in-depth interviews with the client and maintained regular intensive communication throughout the project to ensure expedient turn-around of the drafts. Each deliverable included 1-3 stages of revisions based on the client's feedback. the result was a stylish minimalistic and modern logo, packaging, and labels for several different products.

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