CHRIS AUSTIN is a real estate attorney with a focus on high-end property market. Opening of a new office and an expanding business required a new brand. The new brand should be sophisticated and project the image of power, authority, and confidence. It should be unlike typical legal brands, while looking expensive, yet slick and minimalistic.
We began with a series of interviews of the client and his past customers. The key themes were identified and structured, which laid the foundation for the creative brainstorming sessions. After several feedback loops, we narrowed the concept down to a few images that were effectively combined in the logo. Stylized letters C and A have a counter form plus sign that indicates that the business is more than a regular real estate attorney office. Letter A is reminiscent of the sign "greater than" that further emphasizes that the firm provides elite customer service and is second to none. The combination of a curved C and a sharp A creates a feeling of momentum, progress, and a final result.

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