CAIRS tool

FocusVision is a world leading clinic of Corneal Allogenic Intrastromal Ring Segment “CAIRS” surgery. The two founders, Dr. David Gunn and Dr. Brendan Cronin decided to create a planning tool for the CAIRS surgeos to plan their operations. The tool needed to be interactive, easy to use, and have many specific functionalities and graphic tools that would be used by the surgeons in preparation for the procedures.

Our Solution

We designed an interactive interface powered with JavaScript-written engine. The tool included lots of functionalities, such as:

  • - Upload corneal eye topography scan
  • - Place axes, arcs, incisions, and ancillary visual tools using menu options
  • - Rotate the axes with the relative repositioning of the arcs and incisions
  • - Options to customize the position, size, color and transparency of each visual tool
  • - Form to enter patient's data, parameters for the surgery, surgeon name, and notes
  • - Save the entire screen in JPG or PDF to assist in the follow-up surgery

The final product is used by the eye surgeons worldwide to map the procedures, plan for the surgeries, and employ as a reference tool in the surgical theater.

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