Polina March

HI! I am glad to see you here! I am Polina and I help businesses create brands that sell products and reach new markets. I am the designer who will bring your vision to life. I am more than a designer - I am a brand strategist. I don't just create logos or packaging - I create brands that speak to your customers to develop long-lasting relationships. I have an MA in Graphic Design and designed more than 100 brands over the last twelve years. I always keep the bar high by following the latest trends, voraciously reading about graphic design from classic to post-modern, and teaching AI platforms what I know. I am also a photographer, and this passion of mine helps me find unique design solutions and informs my design work.

Mikhail Balaev

Hello and thank you for stopping by! I am a business consultant with expertise in business intelligence, data visualizations, workflow and process improvement, and automations. I take your business vision and show what else is possible within your business model. I also assist Polina in brand strategic development and I am the project manager for the graphic design side of the business. In the past, I taught statistics at several universities in the U.S. and Australia. My Ph.D. in Economic Sociology helps me understand my clients' businesses and their needs, methodically assess the issues and provide solutions, and approach my work from a conceptual perspective of improving my clients' businesses as a whole.

Shannon Arvizu
Senior Advisor -- U.S. Department of Commerce -- Washington, DC

Xt3ch's work is superb! They went above and beyond to help us produce and update a series of dashboards using public sector data. I would highly recommend working with them and plan to work with them again in the future.

Mia Wohl
Strategic Partnerships & Marketing Director -- Falcon Ambulance -- San Francisco, CA

Xt3ch were fantastic partners to work with on our branding project. They were responsive, collaborative, and timely in the delivery and we greatly enjoyed working with their team. The final designs were thoughtful and perfectly captured our brand, we would absolutely hire Xt3ch again as they exceeded our expectations!!

Aiden Quirini
Owner -- Spectrum Auto Studio -- Denver, CO

Xt3ch is fantastic. Knowledgeable, process oriented, and they want the best for their customers. Mikhail and Polina are with you every step of the way and do an amazing job of providing many different but equally great visions of brand direction. Mikhail is available by email almost 24/7 it seems and is great with addressing questions or concerns along the way. I would be lucky to work with the team at Xt3ch again.

Andrew Holbein
Director of Resources and Data -- ViaLink -- New Orleans, LA

Xt3ch has been great to work with. They have helped us design and complete several complicated projects and were flexible when the scope of the projects changed. It's been very helpful to work with a team with their range of skill sets.

Becca Frazier
Marketing Manager -- Agriculture Future of America -- Kansas City, MO

Xt3ch is fantastic! They have completed multiple design projects for our organization and consistently deliver top notch work. They are extremely timely in their responses and turnaround time, and deliver more than promised. The team is able to take an idea or abstract concept and bring our vision to life. We will continue to be a repeat customer!

Wael Jabban
Owner -- Delta Remedys -- Gurnee, IL

Xt3ch's crew was very professional and got our product design and logo done in a very short time while giving us a very high quality finished product with a lot of different options to choose from. Very glad to have worked withXt3ch and will do different work with them in the future.

L. Jason Cattell
CEO -- Cattell Mortgage -- Beaumont, TX

Xt3ch was responsive and very helpful with some obstacles that came up during the project. They helped us work through them and gave advice on what we can do moving forward. Definitely will be hiring them again for future projects!

Aidan Vass
Owner -- Musotic.com -- Los Angeles, CA

Xt3ch team was fantastic. They went out of his way to deliver more than we asked for, providing plenty of options for us to choose from all at a high quality. On top of that they were super communicative and responsive to any requests we had. Highly recommend Xt3ch for any logo/branding work you might need.

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